ASHA + a handheld Remote Monitoring Solution takes health diagnostics, monitoring and tracking to the door steps of patients, provides a paradigm shift towards Preventive Healthcare model that can be used by individuals as well as various levels of health care providers.

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GORL Occupational Health Records (OHR) -CORAL OH2

Health and well being of employees are strongly connected. Respect, satisfaction, value, safety & healthy environment will lead to more productive. CORAL OH2 developed for emphasizing secured information about health status of an employee, including personal and occupational health histories as well as the opinions and written evaluations generated by health care professionals and technicians. CORAL OH2 is a software as a service (SAAS). Salient features are Cloud computing with scalability, responsive design view, Clinical Decision Support System(CDSS), E-Prescription and appropriate access permission with user restrictions. This software makes tracking, monitoring and reporting easier through automation and integration. Complete customization enhances software enrichment. Our modules support both large and small organizations who rely on our systems to manage the health and well-being of their employees.

Core Modules

Hygiene and Safety Modules(HSM)

GORl- HSM which emphasizes OSHA 18000 standards helps to prevent, identify and control the risks arising from various type of workplace hazards. HSM modules ensuring compliance with both regulatory and corporate OHS requirements. Automatic email notification facility helps to know when an incident is registered.

Core Modules

Medical Records Management Software

  • Comprehensive Web based application for uploading and retrieval of the digitized medical records.
  • Complete Customization based on the needs of the hospital.
  • Support for ICD and ICP Codes.
  • Statistics and detailed report generation. E.g. based on ICD codes or Discharge status.
  • Fast retrieval of records with advanced search operation
  • Secure access to patient record with approval based mechanism


Digitization of Medical Records

  • Scanning of the paper records and converting to digital format at hospital premises itself.
  • Comprehensive Web based application for uploading and retrieval of the digitized medical records including user access management.
  • Records can be stored for long periods of time without any additional physical infrastructure requirements
  • In house expertise to assimilate the document and extract relevant information including ICD and ICP Codes